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Robson Consultancy was born from the desire to help Jamaican businesses navigate the specific business processes of international companies. Our expertise in these fields are wide ranging and our services can be customized for your business size and needs. Having lived and worked in both London and Portugal, managing Stock Control and Logistics in a wide range of international business settings, I am excited at the prospect of using these skills in the country of my birth. This country and its people are capable of anything, and we are here to facilitate it. No request is too big or too small. Robson Consultancy offers support, guidance and results.

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“I highly recommend Tamara. She is adaptable and agile minded. She carries that self management skill which is rare in that she can apply herself to whatever is put in front of her and make it work. She takes responsibility and enjoys the challenge of not only making things work but excelling in what she does. She is a good leader and knows how to get the best from people… wherever she works Tamara will be a valuable asset”.


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Local businesses encouraged to use freelancers

LOCAL businesses are being encouraged to increase their engagement with freelancers as a way to improve their output and to grow their business.

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Growth & Jobs | JAMPRO seeks greater support for Export Max

President of Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) Dian Edwards is appealing for more private-sector companies to partner with the entity in executing the Export Max programme.

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How Much Do You Know About Jamaica?

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