With 12 years of experience in Planning and Logistics, I am aware of the seemingly insurmountable situations that can arise in day to day operations. My absolute pet hate is an attitude that looks for reasons why something can’t be done, instead of angling for a solution. Yes, problems may exist, but problems can be unforeseen opportunities. I look for possible solutions, because there must be at least one. The reality is, there are probably several solutions to every problem.

My work history starts with me getting my first job at seventeen in retail before spending the next seventeen years in the business world, going from the shop floor in retail to the ins and outs of Logistics and Stock Management. My work experience includes working with a Turkish company which designs and supplies Industrial radiators for customers such as Cummins and John Deere. I’ve worked for a London Borough Council, for a UK electricity provider, as well as an internationally based Japanese manufacturing firm managing hundreds of clients and hundreds of automotive parts. All these jobs called for clarity in accessing and amending operational issues, applying strategy to realisation, underscored by no nonsense consulting.

After leaving the UK I moved back to Portugal where I managed a Garden Landscaping business. On the surface of it, the job seemed dissimilar to what I did before. However, the skills honed from my previous work life allowed me to manage both a wide range of business personnel as well as the individualized needs of our international client base. My services have only benefited the businesses that I’ve worked with. With plain speaking consulting, combined with bespoke solutions for your unique queries, your business can only benefit from measurable results.

In the last fifteen years I have worked with International companies as well as dealing with people from the four corners of the globe; from dealing directly with influential clients in the design and maintenance of the landscaping of their overseas properties to managing accounts for huge global businesses such as Honda UK, JCB, Cummins UK, Philips Lighting, Zumtobel, Osram and NXP Semiconductors. Each negotiation is as individual as the companies, their customs and their products.

In addition, I have negotiated Logistics agreements with freight companies, warehouses and ports. Going into a board room with directors of these companies can be daunting for some, but with my experience I embrace such meetings and leave with results. The motto that I live by is: Information is Key and communication is King.

Give me all the information I need, with your aims in mind. Armed with my services, your business will grow and be a success!

We look forward to hearing from you.


To be the gateway for companies to achieve their import and export objectives while increasing opportunities along the way


Creating opportunities paired with logistical support


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